Mission Statement and Disclaimer

The problem that Support Protocols aims to address is:  many people are interested in using natural means to address their health concerns, but they do not know which nutritional supplements may be beneficial for their concern.

In most places you can buy supplements online, you have to already know the supplement you're looking for in order to find it.  Support Protocols, in contrast, presents nutritional supplements in terms of support protocols for certain conditions, rather than as a comprehensive catalog of individual supplements, without indication, of what the supplements are supposed to be used for. 

Furthermore, Support Protocols presents only supplements that have published scientific studies regarding their possible uses and potential efficacy.  There is overlap of supplements among the support protocols, which is not surprising, because there are certain lynchpin nutrients that are involved in many aspects of the functioning of the human body.  Every nutritional supplement presented on Support Protocols has links to published scientific studies for further investigation, which visitors and customers are encouraged to follow up on and use to draw their own conclusions.

These are Support Protocols' core commitments:
  • Offer only the highest quality supplements at a reasonable price, and only supplements that have been scientifically studied and have evidence to support their use
  • All of our products are manufactured in certified GMP facilities in the USA, the same standard that the FDA applies to pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • All of our product batches are tested for identity, purity and potency; Certificates of Analysis are available upon request
  • Wherever possible use in our products the brand-name source ingredients that are studied in clinical trials
  • Spread knowledge of nutritional supplement protocols that may help people overcome the many common chronic health conditions that are prevalent today
  • Help people become better-informed authors of their own health, and to have improved, collaborative relationships with their doctors or other health care providers

That said, all of the content on this website, including the links and videos, is intended for informational purposes only.  No information or products on this website have been evaluated by the FDA, and no information or product on this website is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  None of the content on this website is intended to replace consultation with, or diagnosis or treatment by, a licensed medical professional, and is not intended as medical advice. 

You should ask your doctor or other licensed medical professional to help you interpret the information on this website, including the links to studies and videos, and whether and how to apply it, or any of the supplements on this website, to your individual situation.